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Good morning everyone! Come on thru RCP today and get a FREE edible with any donation of $30 or more (limit one per patient)... have a great day and hope to see you soon!

*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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BOGGLEGUM ($16.29/gram) 20.72% thc
BUBBA KUSH ($16.29/gram) 21.90% thc
EMERALD OGRE ($16.29/gram) 29.75% thc
GRAPEFRUIT KUSH ($16.29/gram) 22.05% thc
INGRID ($16.29/gram) 24.51% thc
LUCY ($16.29/gram) 19.24% thc
SHERBERT ($16.29/gram) 23.28% thc
TITAN OG ($16.29/gram) 23.98% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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DNA C4 ($16.29/gram) 25.27% thc
DUTCH TREAT ($16.29/gram) 20.89% thc
GANESH OG ($16.29/gram) 23.10% thc
JET FUEL OG ($16.29/gram) 23.94% thc
LEMON PIE OG ($16.29/gram) 26.23% thc
STARBERRY ($16.29/gram) 23.80% thc
WHITEWALKER KUSH ($16.29/gram) 24.77% thc

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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3 KINGS ($12.46/gram) 18.92% thc
BLUE DREAM ($12.46/gram) 24.68% thc
GRAPE SATORI ($12.46/gram) 23.37% thc
SD X OG ($12.46/gram) 23.72% thc


BOB (shake) ($9.59/gram)


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RAW CO2 CARTRIDGE ($67.10/gram) 0.00% thc
SATORI GORILLA GLUE LIVE RESIN .5G ($67.10/gram) 69.21% thc
SATORI KEY LIME PIE LR ($67.10/gram) 63.70% thc
XTRACTOLOGY WOODY KUSH PR ($67.10/gram) 72.15% thc
MASTER HEADBAND LIVE RESIN SAP ($57.51/gram) 30.92% thc
PANACEA SUPER JACK LIVE ($57.51/gram) 69.42% thc
PAPER PLANES LEMON MOCHA LIVE RESIN ($57.51/gram) 60.23% thc
THE CLEAR CONCENTRATE ($57.51/gram) 96.00% thc
XTRACTOLOGY DIAMOND OG ($57.51/gram) 73.58% thc
XTRACTOLOGY SOUR FLOWER ($57.51/gram) 75.68% thc
XTRACTOLOGY SOUR OG ($57.51/gram) 70.03% thc
XTRACTOLOGY STRAWBERRY BANANA ($57.51/gram) 76.41% thc
XTRACTOLOGY STRAWBERRY OG ($57.51/gram) 76.20% thc
CHEM BAND LIVE ($47.93/gram) 84.97% thc
LEMON PIE OG RAW CO2 ($47.93/gram) 58.20% thc
PANACEA LEMON PIE OG NUG RUN ($47.93/gram) 71.89% thc
PANACEA LIVE SOUR ($47.93/gram) 75.91% thc
PAPER PLANES DO SI DOS SHATTER ($47.93/gram) 75.59% thc
PURPLE WRECK RAW CO2 ($47.93/gram) 27.80% thc
RAW GOLD ($47.93/gram) 87.51% thc
SLYMER RAW CO2 ($47.93/gram) 60.87% thc
XTRACTOLOGY SUPER LEMON OG ($47.93/gram) 75.41% thc
CANNATONIC LIVE RESIN 1G ($38.34/gram) 21.20% thc
BOOST WAX ($33.55/gram) 75.57% thc
BLUE DREAM WAX ($28.76/gram) 70.88% thc
INGRID SHATTER ($28.76/gram) 77.65% thc
KOSHER BANANA WAX ($28.76/gram) 68.45% thc
SUPER KUSH WAX ($28.76/gram) 70.36% thc
OG WAX ($23.96/gram) 68.57% thc


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GRAPE APE RAWSIN ($76.68/gram) 64.97% thc
RED DRAGON RAWSIN ($76.68/gram) 83.97% thc
CASHMERE RAWSIN ($67.10/gram) 66.12% thc
HIGHER GROUND OG KUSH 90U MELT .5G ($67.10/gram) 61.22% thc
FRENCH LAUNDRY BOOST 90U MELT ($57.51/gram) 71.81% thc
FRENCH LAUNDRY BUBBA KUSH 73U MELT ($57.51/gram) 73.78% thc
FRENCH LAUNDRY RED DRAGON 73U MELT ($57.51/gram) 79.37% thc
FRENCH LAUNDRY SOUR D 73U MELT ($57.51/gram) 61.87% thc
HOLY GRAIL FLOWER RAWSIN .5G ($57.51/gram) 63.34% thc
CASHMERE ECONO ($14.38/gram) 45.43% thc
GORILLA GLUE ECONO ($14.38/gram) 42.88% thc
INGRID ECONO ($14.38/gram) 45.42% thc
SOUR DIESEL ECONO ($14.38/gram) 50.09% thc


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ALTA CALIFORNIA TINCTURES ($38.34/each) 0mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID ($11.5/each) 70mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID DECA DOSE ($23/each) 175mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS PURE CBD ($14.38/each) 2mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS THC CBD MIX ($13.42/each) 50mg thc
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
CLEAR CONCENTRATE CARTRIDGES ($57.51/each) 600mg thc
COCONUT ALMOND TOFFEE COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
DARK HEART ALCHEMY VAPE PEN ($33.55/each) 0mg thc
DAY DREAMER 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 90mg thc
DAY DREAMER SINGLE ($3.83/each) 15mg thc
DEFONCE CHOCOLATE ($19.17/each) 180mg thc
FULL EXTRACT OIL ($57.51/each) 0mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET BUTTER ($19.17/each) 2,352mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET CIRCUS BUDDIES ($9.59/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET LEMON BUDDIES ($9.59/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET MUDDY BUDDIES ($9.59/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET SAMPLER ($3.83/each) 37mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15mg thc
KIVA MINT IRISH CREME ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA MINT SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA TERRA BITES ($17.25/each) 120mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ($7.67/each) 150mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA PB ORGANIK ($17.25/each) 300mg thc
KOROVA PEANUT BUTTER DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA REVERSE DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
PG TECH CBD GOLD MIST ($57.51/each) 0mg thc
PG TECH GOLD CART ($38.34/each) 250mg thc
SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
THE FARM CARAMELS INDICA 120MG ($9.59/each) 120mg thc
THE FARM CARAMELS INDICA 240MG ($17.25/each) 240mg thc
THE FARM CARAMELS SATIVA 120MG ($9.59/each) 120mg thc
THE FARM CARAMELS SATIVA 60MG ($5.75/each) 60mg thc

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