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Good morning everyone! Today is the Early Bird Special here at RCP... come on thru and get 10% off of your ENTIRE donation anytime between the hours of 9am - Noon. It's also Facebook Fridays... go to our Facebook page to signup for a chance to win FREE medicine!

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*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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312 COOKIES ($17/gram) 24.37% thc
CASHMERE ($17/gram) 19.94% thc
CRYSTAL GODDESS ($17/gram) 22.41% thc
GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ($17/gram) 17.11% thc
HOLY GRAIL OG ($17/gram) 19.56% thc
KARDASHIAN KUSH ($17/gram) 16.27% thc
PLATINUM COOKIES ($17/gram) 19.90% thc
STRAWBERRY KUSH ($17/gram) 18.10% thc
THE DUTCHESS ($17/gram) 20.04% thc
TROPICANA ($17/gram) 16.50% thc
SKY HIGH OG ($16/gram) 16.60% thc
MELANGE MIX ($15/gram) 16.00% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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AGENT ORANGE ($17/gram) 13.51% thc
ALPHA JACK ($17/gram) 19.50% thc
BUBBLEBAND ($17/gram) 22.78% thc
DUTCH TREAT ($17/gram) 22.40% thc
GREEN CANDY ($17/gram) 16.64% thc
GREEN CROSS ($17/gram) 25.93% thc
LAMBS BREAD X OG ($17/gram) 19.30% thc
LEMON WRECK ($17/gram) 16.32% thc
MR. MIAGI OG ($17/gram) 19.65% thc
OG ($17/gram) 17.83% thc
PHISH OG ($17/gram) 20.66% thc
RED DRAGON ($17/gram) 19.53% thc
SKYWALKER OG ($17/gram) 17.58% thc
CINDY 99 ($16/gram) 15.38% thc

*****High CBD Strains*****

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CANNATONIC ($13/gram) 8.18% cbd

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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BLUE DREAM ($13/gram) 20.01% thc
GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ($13/gram) 12.12% thc
HEADBAND X HASHPLANT ($13/gram) 16.33% thc
KASHMIR KUSH ($13/gram) 16.48% thc
PINEAPPLE ($13/gram) 14.05% thc


BOB ($30/eighth)


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3 KINGS WAX ($40/gram) 60.34% thc
AOTA SHATTER ($40/gram) 61.43% thc
GIRL SCOUT COOKIES WAX ($40/gram) 56.65% thc
HOG OG WAX ($40/gram) 82.87% thc
MELANGE HONEYCOMB ($40/gram) 62.55% thc
RED STAR DAWG CO2 EXTRACT ($50/gram) 53.92% thc
SOURBERRY KUSH CO2 EXTRACT ($50/gram) 54.45% thc
STRAWBERRY COOKIES CO2 EXTRACT ($50/gram) 52.25% thc
MELANGE SHATTER ($40/gram) 62.38% thc
BUMBLEBEE VAPE PEN ($35/gram) 0.00% thc
SOUR DIESEL BUTTER ($35/gram) 66.09% thc
SHARK SHOCK WAX ($30/gram) 57.60% thc


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BERRY WHITE MELT ($35/gram) 56.36% thc
CRYSTAL GODDESS MELT ($35/gram) 59.72% thc
BERRY WHITE FULL BUBBLE ($30/gram) 56.55% thc
FRESH FROZEN BUBBA FULL BUBBLE ($30/gram) 51.78% thc
SOUR DIESEL MELT ($25/gram) 53.03% thc
MELANGE ECONO ($15/gram) 38.64% thc
KIEF ($10/gram) 19.06% thc


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BAKLAVA ($10/each) 100mg thc
BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDIE ($10/each) 110mg thc
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ($10/each) 100mg thc
CINNAMON STREUSEL BREAD ($10/each) 147mg thc
COWBOY SQUOOKIE ($10/each) 147mg thc
DAY DREAMER 6 PACK ($20/each) 90mg thc
DAY DREAMER SINGLE ($4/each) 15mg thc
FIESTA SNACK MUNCH ($10/each) 147mg thc
FULL EXTRACT OIL ($60/each) 0mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET PIZZA ($20/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET SAMPLER ($4/each) 37mg thc
HIGH DOSE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE ($18/each) 294mg thc
HIGH DOSE PB BROWNIE ($18/each) 294mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY ($18/each) 180mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY SINGLE ($6/each) 45mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE ($9/each) 60mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE ($9/each) 60mg thc
KIVA MINT IRISH CREME ($18/each) 180mg thc
KIVA MINT SINGLE ($6/each) 45mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE ($18/each) 180mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE SINGLE ($6/each) 45mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI ($18/each) 180mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI SINGLE ($6/each) 45mg thc
KOROVA 5150 ($20/each) 500mg thc
KOROVA BROWNIE ($8/each) 150mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP DIP ($12/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA PEANUT BUTTER DIP ($12/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA REVERSE DIP ($12/each) 250mg thc
PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE ($6/each) 100mg thc
RAZZAMATAZZ SQUOOKIE ($10/each) 147mg thc
SALTED CARAMEL SQUOOKIE ($10/each) 147mg thc
SMORES MUNCH ($18/each) 294mg thc
SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE ($6/each) 100mg thc

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rcp420 Congrats to our 8 o'clock Facebook Fridays winner Angel! Thanks for playing everyone and have a great weekend!
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rcp420 New Top Shelf strain just in... HOLY GRAIL OG! Thc = 19.56% Thc-a = 22.19%
rcp420 New Top Shelf strain just in... DUTCH TREAT! Thc = 22.40% Thc-a = 25.42%
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