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Good morning everyone! We're starting the week off here at RCP with Wax Monday! Come in today and get two grams of wax at regular donation price and you can get a half gram of your choice for FREE (of equal or lessor value)! Or with any donation of $30 or more receive a FREE pre-roll or FREE gram of kief, your choice! Hope to see you soon!

*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

(click item to see picture)
INGRID ($16.29/gram) 26.26% thc
530 GROWER HOLY GRAIL OG ($16.29/gram) 32.60% thc
ALIEN ORANGE COOKIES ($16.29/gram) 28.10% thc
CANDYLAND ($16.29/gram) 28.20% thc
CASHMERE ($16.29/gram) 26.73% thc
DEATHSTAR PIE ($16.29/gram) 31.40% thc
FOO FIGHTER ($16.29/gram) 25.20% thc
GALACTIC ANIMAL ($16.29/gram) 26.80% thc
NEVERLAND ($16.29/gram) 27.40% thc
NITRO COOKIES ($16.29/gram) 31.60% thc
ZOOKIES ($16.29/gram) 26.10% thc
KOSHER KUSH ($15.34/gram) 24.00% thc
MARION BERRY ($15.34/gram) 24.80% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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BANANA SPLIT ($16.29/gram) 28.90% thc
CHEM 4 ($16.29/gram) 26.50% thc
GORILLA GLUE 4 ($16.29/gram) 29.20% thc
LEMON CHEM ($16.29/gram) 23.50% thc
ALPHA BLUE ($15.34/gram) 25.20% thc
ICC CHEMSIS ($15.34/gram) 25.90% thc
SOUR DIESEL ($15.34/gram) 25.90% thc
THE CRYPT ($15.34/gram) 24.80% thc
530 GROWER SILVER OG ($14.38/gram) 27.19% thc

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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AGENT ORANGE ($12.46/gram) 23.90% thc
BD X NL ($12.46/gram) 26.70% thc
BLUE DREAM ($12.46/gram) 27.10% thc
BLUE RUSSIAN ($12.46/gram) 19.90% thc
DREAM QUEEN ($12.46/gram) 19.40% thc
PINEAPPLE ($12.46/gram) 19.91% thc
THE PURPS ($12.46/gram) 21.10% thc


BOB (shake) ($9.59/gram)


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BHODACIOUS WIFI LIVE RESIN SUGAR .5G ($95.85/gram) 83.10% thc
UTOPIA FARMS TAFFIE LR SUGAR .5G ($76.68/gram) 84.40% thc
WCC HARDGLUE NR SHATTER .5G ($76.68/gram) 78.60% thc
41 WAX CO SOUR BANANGIE LR SHATTER .5G ($67.10/gram) 79.10% thc
GOLD COAST SS X 33 NR CB 1G ($67.10/gram) 82.80% thc
41 WAX CO FIRE OG LR SHATTER .5G ($57.51/gram) 83.10% thc
BHODACIOUS BRUCE BANNER NR SHATTER .5G ($57.51/gram) 85.90% thc
BHODACIOUS STRAWBERRY CLEM NR CB .5G ($47.93/gram) 86.30% thc
RAW GARDEN BISTI BADLANDS SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 74.40% thc
RAW GARDEN BLUE KUSH NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 76.00% thc
RAW GARDEN CHERRY HAZE NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 84.10% thc
RAW GARDEN CHERRY SLURM NR BUDDER .5G ($47.93/gram) 85.60% thc
RAW GARDEN FORUM SLURM NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 84.60% thc
RAW GARDEN LIME GLUE NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 64.10% thc
RAW GARDEN OG COOKIES NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 76.80% thc
RAW GARDEN STRAWBERRY SLYMER NR SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 72.30% thc
RAW GARDEN STRAWBERRY SLYMER SUGAR .5G ($47.93/gram) 75.70% thc
BERNERS COOKIES SHATTER 1G ($38.34/gram) 80.80% thc
BHODACIOUS GELATO COOKIES SHATTER .5G ($38.34/gram) 89.50% thc
RAW GARDEN NORTHERN LIGHTS NR SUGAR .5G ($38.34/gram) 78.50% thc
BHODACIOUS BANANA SPLIT WAX .5G ($28.76/gram) 76.90% thc


(click item to see picture)
DR LADYBUG CANDYLAND HASH ROSIN .5G ($76.68/gram) 85.10% thc
DR LADYBUG MANGO HASH ROSIN .5G ($76.68/gram) 72.90% thc
DR LADYBUG STARDAWG HASH ROSIN .5G ($76.68/gram) 72.50% thc
RAW GARDEN LEEROY OG LIVE ROSIN .5G ($57.51/gram) 81.00% thc
RAW GARDEN LEEROY OG NR FULL MELT .5G ($57.51/gram) 68.70% thc
RAW GARDEN SLYMER LIVE ROSIN .5G ($57.51/gram) 71.20% thc
530 GROWER CROCKETTS DAWG FR .5G ($47.93/gram) 64.40% thc
RAW GARDEN GLUEKIES FR .5G ($47.93/gram) 66.60% thc
RAW GARDEN GORILLA GLUE FM .5G ($47.93/gram) 64.80% thc
RAW GARDEN GORILLA GLUE FR .5G ($47.93/gram) 66.80% thc
RAW GARDEN HARLEBURST COOKIES FR .5G ($47.93/gram) 57.30% thc
RAW GARDEN OG GLUE FM .5G ($47.93/gram) 71.90% thc


(click item to see picture)
BLOOM PAX CBD POD ($57.51/each) 500mg thc
BLOOM PAX POD ($38.34/each) 500.00mg thc
C.B.D. 18-1 OIL ($47.93/each) mg thc
CAD BODY BUTTER ($47.93/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD HIGH DOSE ($57.51/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD LOW DOSE ($47.93/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD SUPER HIGH DOSE ($105.44/each) 0mg thc
CAD X GREENDAWG TINCTURES ($57.51/each) 100mg thc
CAD X LOKEY FARMS SBBS TINCTURE ($57.51/each) 59.90mg thc
CAD X LOKEY FARMS TINCTURE ($57.51/each) 74.80mg thc
CBD RICH FULL EXTRACT OIL ($57.51/each) mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS CARAMEL ($14.38/each) 100.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID ($11.5/each) 70.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID DECA DOSE ($23/each) 175.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS INDICA ($11.5/each) 70.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS PURE CBD ($13.42/each) 2.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS SATIVA ($11.5/each) 70.00mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS THC CBD MIX ($13.42/each) 50.00mg thc
COMPASSION EDIBLES ($5.75/each) 100.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER 360 6 PACK ($33.55/each) 360.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER 360 SINGLE ($5.75/each) 60.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 90.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER 720 6 PACK ($43.13/each) 720mg thc
DAY DREAMER APRICOT INDICA 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 180mg thc
DAY DREAMER APRICOT INDICA SINGLE ($3.83/each) 30.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER BLUEBERRY SATIVA 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 180.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER HYBRID MACCHIATO 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 180.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER SINGLE ($3.83/each) 15.00mg thc
DR RAW BALM ($47.93/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW CANDY HEARTS ($11.5/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW CBD CANDY HEARTS ($19.17/each) 50.00mg thc
DR RAW CHOCOLATE CHUNK ($9.59/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW CHOCOLATE NIRVANA ($9.59/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW LARGE CBD TINCTURE ($76.68/each) 15.00mg thc
DR RAW LARGE THC TINCTURE ($76.68/each) 420.00mg thc
DR RAW PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM ($11.5/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW RAW BITES ($11.5/each) 100.00mg thc
DR RAW SMALL CBD TINCTURE ($43.13/each) 7.00mg thc
DR RAW SMALL THC TINCTURE ($43.13/each) 210.00mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET COOKIES & CREAM CRISPY ($9.59/each) 147.00mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY ($17.25/each) 180.00mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45.00mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60.00mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15.00mg thc
KIVA GINGER CBD BAR ($30.67/each) 120.00mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60.00mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15.00mg thc
KIVA MINT IRISH CREME ($17.25/each) 180.00mg thc
KIVA MINT SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45.00mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE ($17.25/each) 180.00mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45.00mg thc
KIVA TERRA BITES ($17.25/each) 120.00mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI ($17.25/each) 180.00mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45.00mg thc
KOROVA 5150 ($23.96/each) 500.00mg thc
KOROVA BROWNIE ($9.59/each) 150.00mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP DIP ($14.38/each) 250.00mg thc
KOROVA GINGER CHEW ($9.59/each) 150.00mg thc
KOROVA MINT DIP ($14.38/each) 250.00mg thc
KOROVA PEANUT BUTTER DIP ($14.38/each) 250.00mg thc
KOROVA REVERSE DIP ($14.38/each) 250.00mg thc
KOROVA SALTED CARAMEL BLONDIE 5150 ($23.96/each) 500.00mg thc
KOROVA SATURDAY MORNING COOKIE ($9.59/each) 150.00mg thc
MEDICATED MASSAGE OIL ($38.34/each) 350.00mg thc
PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100.00mg thc
TYRONE JONES MEDICATED BBQ SAUCE ($28.76/each) 200mg thc
XTERNAL 1OZ BATH SOAK ($5.75/each) mg thc
XTERNAL 1OZ MUD ($5.75/each) mg thc
XTERNAL 4OZ MUD ($19.17/each) mg thc
XTERNAL TOPICAL SPRAY 8OZ ($38.34/each) mg thc

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