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Good morning everyone! We're starting the week off here at RCP with Wax Monday! Come in today and get two grams of wax at regular donation price and you can get a half gram of your choice for FREE (of equal or lessor value)! Or with any donation of $30 or more receive a FREE pre-roll or FREE gram of kief, your choice! Hope to see you soon!

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*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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4 CORNERS ($16.29/gram) 21.42% thc
GRAPE APE ($16.29/gram) 20.17% thc
GRAPEFRUIT KUSH ($16.29/gram) 19.82% thc
INGRID ($16.29/gram) 25.14% thc
PLATINUM OG ($16.29/gram) 24.82% thc
GRAND AK ($12.46/gram) 11.32% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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BUBBLEBAND ($16.29/gram) 18.13% thc
FIRE OG ($16.29/gram) 23.58% thc
GANESH OG ($16.29/gram) 26.06% thc
GHOST TRAIN HAZE ($16.29/gram) 24.04% thc
MENDOGEE ($16.29/gram) 23.28% thc
REDDING OG ($16.29/gram) 24.13% thc
SKYWALKER OG ($16.29/gram) 25.51% thc
SOUR DIESEL ($16.29/gram) 22.85% thc
TAHOE OG ($16.29/gram) 24.06% thc

*****High CBD Strains*****

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CB DREAM ($12.46/gram) 4.84% cbd

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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BLUE MANGO ($12.46/gram) 18.64% thc
GORILLA GLUE ($12.46/gram) 18.14% thc
PINEAPPLE SHERBET ($12.46/gram) 20.23% thc
PLATINUM OG ($12.46/gram) 10.51% thc




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BRUTAL BEE KOSHER OG SHATTER ($71.89/gram) 65.80% thc
BRUTAL BEE SUPER OG SHATTER ($71.89/gram) 71.94% thc
OCX GSC NUG RUN SHATTER ($62.30/gram) 89.17% thc
OCX SHERBERT NUG RUN SHATTER ($62.30/gram) 81.87% thc
ACDC SAP ($57.51/gram) 3.00% thc
CLEAR CONCENTRATE CARTRIDGES ($57.51/gram) 96.00% thc
THE CLEAR CONCENTRATE ($57.51/gram) 96.00% thc
PAPER PLANES KING LOUIS OG SHATTER ($47.93/gram) 80.34% thc
PURPLE KUSH RAW CO2 ($47.93/gram) 46.27% thc
STRAWBERRY SKUNK RAW CO2 ($47.93/gram) 48.35% thc
PAPER PLANES CROWN OG SHATTER ($43.13/gram) 76.02% thc
GORILLA GLUE WAX ($38.34/gram) 72.71% thc
SHERBERT WAX ($38.34/gram) 69.50% thc
CRYSTAL GODDESS WAX ($38.34/gram) 75.22% thc
PURPLE GOO WAX ($38.34/gram) 77.03% thc
BUMBLEBEE VAPE PEN ($33.55/gram) 0.00% thc


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RAW HASHISH SLYMER 120U MELT ($47.93/gram) 56.35% thc
RAW HASHISH SOUR DIESEL 73U MELT ($47.93/gram) 58.76% thc
RAW HASHISH SOUR DIESEL 120U MELT ($43.13/gram) 57.40% thc
BERRY WHITE MELT ($38.34/gram) 74.54% thc
BLUE DREAM ECONO ($9.59/gram) 35.64% thc


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ALTA CALIFORNIA TINCTURES ($38.34/each) 0mg thc
BACON WALNUT CARAMEL BROWNIE ($9.59/each) 100mg thc
BAKLAVA ($9.59/each) 100mg thc
BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDIE ($9.59/each) 150mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS CARAMEL ($14.38/each) 100mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID ($11.5/each) 70mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS HYBRID DECA DOSE ($23/each) 175mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS INDICA ($11.5/each) 70mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS PURE CBD ($13.42/each) 2mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS SATIVA ($11.5/each) 70mg thc
CHEEBA CHEWS THC CBD MIX ($13.42/each) 50mg thc
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
COCONUT ALMOND TOFFEE COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
COMPASSION EDIBLES BAKLAVA ($9.59/each) 150mg thc
DARK HEART ALCHEMY VAPE PEN ($33.55/each) 0mg thc
DAY DREAMER 6 PACK ($19.17/each) 90mg thc
DAY DREAMER 720 6 PACK ($43.13/each) 720mg thc
DAY DREAMER 720 SINGLE ($7.67/each) 120mg thc
DAY DREAMER SINGLE ($3.83/each) 15mg thc
FULL EXTRACT OIL ($57.51/each) 0mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET BUTTER ($19.17/each) 2,352mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET LEMON BUDDIES ($9.59/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET MUDDY BUDDIES ($9.59/each) 147mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET PIZZA ($19.17/each) 147mg thc
HIGH DOSE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE ($17.25/each) 294mg thc
HIGH DOSE PB BROWNIE ($17.25/each) 294mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA BLACKBERRY SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA BLUEBERRY TERRA BITES ($14.38/each) 120mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60mg thc
KIVA DARK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE ($8.63/each) 60mg thc
KIVA MILK CHOCOLATE SINGLE ($2.88/each) 15mg thc
KIVA MINT IRISH CREME ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA MINT SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA TANGERINE SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KIVA TERRA BITES ($14.38/each) 120mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI ($17.25/each) 180mg thc
KIVA VANILLA CHAI SINGLE ($5.75/each) 45mg thc
KOROVA 5150 ($19.17/each) 500mg thc
KOROVA BROWNIE ($7.67/each) 150mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ($7.67/each) 150mg thc
KOROVA CHOCOLATE CHIP DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA PEANUT BUTTER DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
KOROVA REVERSE DIP ($11.5/each) 250mg thc
LIFTED EDIBLES GINGER BITES ($11.5/each) 100mg thc
LOLLE ZING ACAI ($3.83/each) 20mg thc
LOLLE ZING LEMON GINGER ($3.83/each) 20mg thc
MARIJUANA CHOCOLATE BROWNIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE ($5.75/each) 100mg thc
THERA CANN HIGH CBD TINCTURE ($52.72/each) 3mg thc

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